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Making Dreams Come True

I love living here and sharing my dream.  When I'm not hosting guests, I'm a business consultant, Tree enthusiast, into making stuff from scratch (most ambitious project: a human being), foodie, and small farmer.  I hold a Permaculture Design Certificate and a lot of ideas in my head.

Married to Alister, Mummy to a baby boy, rooster, and one lazy farm dog.

Jackie Thomas-Teague

Co-Founder & Ideas Person

Turning a Vision into Reality

I'm a computer geek, author, presenter turned farmer, tree planter, renovation powerhouse, Husband and Daddy.  When I'm not trying to catch up on sleep, or working on the computer, I'm at the gym or playing guitar.

Alister Christie

Co-Founder & Muscle

Alister Christie
two dogs

Woof Woof Woof! Woof Woof!

I'm the welcoming committee.  I sometimes have a lot of bark, but don't worry, there isn't much bite.  When I'm not sleeping on the couch or demanding pats, I'm fantasising about being a real farm dog, but without any of the work.  I love living here, there is so much to sniff and get mucky in. Join me for a romp around the farm!


Front Desk and Security

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